Why Choose Digital Lifeboat? Because we're safer, greener and more affordable!

Security & Safety

Digital Lifeboat's Cloud-based technology uses 256-bit AES encryption and industry-leading erasure coding techniques to insure complete privacy and security of your data.

We are here to help you protect the most important data on your computer:

  • Documents or pictures you've created or which someone has sent you.
  • The music and videos you enjoy.

If they get lost or damaged, there's no replacing them. As more of your life's memories are stored on your computer, it is critically more important to create a secure copy or “backup” of those files, photos, videos and music. This is when Digital Lifeboat comes to the rescue!

Digital Lifeboat protects your PC files from:

  • Accidental deletion
  • Hard drive failure
  • Natural disasters like fire or flood
  • Loss or theft of your PC

Once you sign up for Digital Lifeboat we continuously and automatically backup and protect everything important on your computer. Signing up is simple and our service is easy to use. You can manage everything from our friendly website or our useful Control Center.

How is Digital Lifeboat different than other options?

  • Digital Lifeboat's unique technology encrypts each of your files and breaks them into tiny fragments which we store in multiple locations in the Digital Lifeboat Cloud. Our Cloud is made up of the PCs of the members of the Digital Lifeboat Community. This approach results in a very reliable and safe system. Unless, you are the owner of the files and Digital Lifeboat recognizes you as the owner, it is impossible to reassemble them or to view them. We use the same kind of encryption that banks and the military use to keep their information safe. Our approach is safer than traditional data centers, which are vulnerable to hacking. It is also greener because we do not use the massive amount of energy required by data centers. Finally, it is more affordable, as we pass our cost savings back to you as a member of our community.
  • Digital Lifeboat has a free 30 day trial for unlimited online backup so you can evaluate our service. This is twice as long as our competition. At the end of the trial, you will be invited to join as a member of our community for a low annual fee.
  • Finally, we are constantly adding features to improve our service based upon your feedback. You are part of building our business and brand, and we thank you!