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Security & Safety

Digital Lifeboat's Cloud-based technology uses 256-bit AES encryption to insure complete privacy and security of your data.

We are here to help you protect the most important data on your computer:

  • Documents or pictures you've created or which someone has sent you.
  • The music and videos you enjoy.

If they get lost or damaged, there's no replacing them. As more of your life's memories are stored on your computer, it is critically more important to create a secure copy or “backup” of those files, photos, videos and music. This is when Digital Lifeboat comes to the rescue!

Digital Lifeboat protects your PC files from:

  • Accidental deletion
  • Hard drive failure
  • Natural disasters like fire or flood
  • Loss or theft of your PC

Once you sign up for Digital Lifeboat we continuously and automatically backup and protect everything important on your computer. Signing up is simple and our service is easy to use. You can manage everything from our friendly website or our useful Control Center.