Summer is almost over—and it is hello backpacks, pens, and school works! But that does not convey that you cannot enjoy your back-to-school preparation. Here are the gadgets that can make you organized and motivated, to make your academic year complete and successful!

The laptop is the number one priority to survive the academic year. But, what should you have? Windows or Apple? Windows products are cheaper than Apple. However, Apple is built to last longer, since it manipulates it entire product from its operating systems to its computer parts. Nonetheless, it is your discretion to choose which software you will utilize for school. If you are going to buy one, check out the laptop where you can physically assess and touch the laptop. Plus, it will be a good idea to have a pair of noise-cancelling headphones.

Doxie Scanner is an environmental advocate device, it can make you organized without using more paper. This is a mini scanner that can be plugged right on to your laptop or computer. After your paper is being digitalized, you can organize, categorize, and back-up. This can help you more of handling notes, it is easier to share with your colleagues.

Kindle Paperwhite is a small, tablet-like device that can store a numerous amount of books. It is convenient, instead of carrying your textbooks, you will just carry this tablet. Not to mention, it has highlighting and note-taking features.

Tiles are essential to locate whenever one of your things is lost, may it be your phone, bicycle, or bag. Tile is a small Bluetooth tag that can be attached to anything you own, and when lost just open the application and press locate. When the Bluetooth is within range of the tile, the tile will then beep.

Thumb Drive or USB Drive is a necessity for students and workers! This is a reliable and safe gadget to store and transfer files. However, some people see thumb drives or USB drives obsolete because of cloud storage such as One Drive and Google Drive. Nonetheless, it can transfer numerous and large files. To confidently use your thumb drive or USB drive in any operating system computers, format it to exFAT.

Power Bank is a much-needed device for students to charge up their phones when there is no outlet available. It is a small battery pack and holds an adequate amount of power just to charge up one or two phones.

Smartpen is the new generation pen to carry around. It may look like an average pen, but it has a built-in voice recorder that can store 2 GB of storage. Everything you have written is in digital form, what you have written is synced to your computer.

Portable WiFi is also needed, although most dorms and cafes have wi-fi. It has a rechargeable battery and can be transformed into an encrypted or public wi-fi hot spot.

Trust us, these gadgets can start the school year off on the right track.

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