No Headphone Jacks. iPhone 7 is now water-resistant, the reason why the audio jack hole is eliminated, and it can help optimize the internal features of the phone. Although, there is still a lightning adapter being introduced.

Airports. The new introduced Bluetooth headphones, it has a 5-hour battery life with a holder that keeps it charged while you are not using it.

Water resistant. This is absolutely the favorite and awaited feature, iPhone 7 is IP 67 tested. 6 conveys it is dustproof, and 7 conveys the phone can be submerged in the water 15 centimeters to 1 meter deep.

Improved battery juice. Battery life has been improved, it carries out two extra hours of usage prior getting drained.

Upgraded camera. Although iPhone 7 plus have two cameras for optical zoom and low light, iPhone 7 does not have but it has the same camera specifications. Say no more to pixilated images! Optical zoom can work without ruining the picture quality.

Now, this is the exciting features Apple has embedded to its newly introduced Apple watch, iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus.

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