Keep the electrical cords and wires in shape. Plug ends tend to wear and tear, especially Apple products. This is irritating and is exposing you to a dangerous situation. To prevent this damage, use the spring of a pen and wrap it around the wire to hold it straight.

Make the printer’s ink last. Ran out of ink? Save some of your pence by removing the ink cartridge, and blow a hot air with a hair dryer, once the cartridge is warm put it back to the printer. The ink stuck in the cartridge is loosened by the heat.

More juice for the phone’s battery. What to do when you do not have a charger? Detach the phone’s battery and place it in the freezer, and put it back to a room temperature. The cold temperature preserves the battery juice.

The new generation of televisions. Most televisions nowadays have USB ports, phones can be charged while watching or you can watch a movie from your USB storage.

Keyboard props. The tiny legs of the keyboards might not satisfy you, remove the metal crooks from a binder clip and do makeshift props

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