Backing up Data from the Top of the World!

Last May,  Brian Dickinson started his ascent on Mt. Everest, and Digital Lifeboat was proud to sponsor his climb.  He said, “Climbing Mount Everest has been a lifelong goal of mine and I need an online backup service I can trust with all my Everest memories.”   During Brian’s Everest adventure – in which he climbed all 29,029 ft of Himalayan mountain – he checked in on his laptop, which had Digital Lifeboat’s online backup service installed and running.

When we said we would be with him every step of the way,we weren’t kidding.  On May 16th, when the reports came in that our software was backing up all of Brian’s photos, documents, and videos from one of the tallest mountains in the world, we were ecstatic.  Brian told us that Digital Lifeboat was definitely “the right choice” of online backup programs.

But the saga isn’t over.  Brian’s next adventure took him to Vinson Massif – the highest mountain in Antarctica,  located about 750 mi from the South Pole.  And again, Digital Lifeboat went with him!

Brian is the cloud!

From the top, Brian’s laptop continued to backup data, ensuring that his memories from Vinson Massif would be safe.  To learn more about Brian's quest for all 7 summits, and to read about his adventures, visit You can also support his efforts to raise money for AIDS Research with a donation.